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Magnetic Resonance

What is an MRI?


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a non-invasive study that uses radio waves and a magnetic field to render detailed images of organs and other body structures. These images are extremely clear and precise allowing to diagnose with certainty different health conditions.


What is an Arthrogram?


An MR Arthrogram is a study made on the articulations with the MRI equipment in which a substance is injected permitting greater contrast and more details of the anatomical area being evaluated. An MR Arthrogram helps assess certain pathological conditions on the articulations.

Direct MR Arthrogram - The gadolinium or saline solution is injected directly in the articulation.

Indirect MR Arthrogram - In case a Direct MRA is not convenient or can´t be performed due to logistic reasons, the gadolinium is injected intravenously. Although it is not as convenient as a Direct MRA, an indirect MRA is superior to the conventional MRI regarding the details of the structures being evaluated.

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